how to be healthy and look younger than your age

The best ways to look younger

ways to look youngerEverybody wants to stay young, look good and feel good. Like Alphaville words in the 80′s hit “forever young”, we all want to stay young forever! But is it really possible? This question has an unequivocal answer:  No!
But, what if I told you that  I have a magic pill, one that can slow down the process of aging, make you look younger than your age, prevent hair loss and let you live a healthy and sick-free life at an older age?
How much would you pay to buy that pill?
Well, believe it or not, it’s for free. All you have to do is apply some basic steps and you have it. You’ve got the magic pill!
In this blog we are going to give you all the information you need for a healthy , long lasting life. It’s your choice
what  you want to with that.

Let’s start by listing the major ways to look younger and stay young:

Avoid the Harmful Rays of the Sun

Avoiding the harmful rays of the sun is one of the best ways on how to stop the skin from aging fast and stay young looking. The sun has harmful rays that could speed up the process of aging. This also plays a large role in development of melanoma. Wrinkles and other signs of aging can be seen on your skin if you get exposed to the sun more often. These days, you can purchase protective lotions that would prevent your skin from getting burned by the harmful rays of the sun. Given that we are all faced with climate change problems and the ozone is no longer as protective as it was before, we should just do our best to stay out of the sun during 10 in the morning until 3 in the afternoon.

Avoid Smoking

Smoking can actually can not only harm you lungs but also to your skin. It affects your overall young look because of the fact that the presence of carbon monoxide is keeping the oxygen away from your skin. With decreased perfusion, it is imperative that you quit smoking now. Since there are multiple ways to look younger, you may argue that you are going to keep the habit. In fact, according to research they have proven that even occasional smoking could lead to a dry skin and your face would also be vulnerable to acne.

In order for you to look young again, you simply need to stop smoking. If you are asking how, there are available alternatives that you could go for. One, you can have nicotine gum just so you don’t crave for the cigarettes. Another option is to do so many things that will keep you preoccupied. A great book that helped many people quit smoking is Allen Carr’s book “Easy way to sop smoking”. Anyway, if you want your body to stay young, avoid smoking is a must.

Eat a Healthy Diet

Of the many ways to look younger, having the right food and the right amount can make the big difference. In fact, this can give you not only a good figure but also a really good skin. Having protein rich meals can give you the look that you want for your skin. Another thing that you need to remember is to supplement with the right vitamins and minerals. People all over the world have relied on fast food and foods rich in harmful ingredients. If you want to effectively utilize ways to look younger, you will need to make sure that you include antioxidants that would bring that glow to your skin. Eating a lot of vegetables and fruits can get this result and help you stay young.

Perform Exercises

And lastly, to prove a point that ways to look younger is all about balance you should never forget to burn your calories through exercise. You don’t need to go for the heavy workouts; in fact a 20 minute exercise daily could already suffice to get your skin looking good. Running early in the morning could open up the pores and get that sweat out. This will also help flush the dirt in your body.

There are different exercises meant for people of all ages. There are 5 minute exercises that you could now perform in the comfort of your own home. Thus, there will be no other reason why you will still need to go to the gym just for you to look young.

If you are looking for efficient ways to look younger without going for cosmetic surgery or any invasive procedure, you will need to live healthy. You will need to avoid the things that could cut the oxygen supply of your body and you will also need to make sure to minimize your exposure to the harmful rays of the sun. In today’s time, you have to be more cautious of these things. It is only natural that you ask for the help of dermatologists too. Through their help, they can give you more tips for ways to look younger without spending a great amount of money.