Saw Palmetto and hair loss – Chinese tradition

In the traditional Chinese approach hair loss is mainly caused due to weakness of the kidney energy or health or both. These two organs are responsible for the hair of the head of each of us . saw palmetto acne

According to Chinese medicine, the kidneys are related ,to other organs in the body such as  the reproductive system , births and human sexuality .

In this system the kidneys component of bones ( Essence in English, Jing in Chinese) is the most linked to the strength and proximity of head hair . When kidneys immersed short bones , hair becomes thin , brittle and loses its natural luster .

According to Chinese approach , the skull is a micro – cosmos for the whole body ,like the ear , so that if we combine acupuncture skull with this technique , local impact will the entire body. During treatment , block many energy flow and blood will be released and this would be reflected ease of patients during treatment and thereafter. various physical phenomena moderate and over time was completely gone .

In order to properly care we must understand the factors and Contemporary Chinese diagnosis , even under condition hair and scalp

• thin hair , weak, dry and brittle evidenced by damage to the blood of the liver, Saw Palmetto can help in this situation, as well as heal diseases such as acne, brain damage and more.

• damage to hair density or hair thinning , evidenced by damage to the kidney essence and energy .

• lusterless hair and volume testify to the weakness of the lungs , the lungs are expressed in skin and hair , when there is a weakness of the lungs , dry hair and skin and hair shine down .

In most cases where dropout is active , there is a scalp tenderness , the gentle touch and without any physical contact. This sensitivity is due to an increasing reduction of energy and blood. When pain intensity Gaza , many of them are forced to take a painkiller . Important link between the two diagnoses , hair loss and headaches .


Kidney weakness , people tend to complain to the doctors or to the nearest only a decline in memory and concentration ability , there may be a drop in libido and fertility, and low back pain may occur . The symptoms begin gradually so long before the attention , there have been related phenomena .

Nutrition strengthen hair

According to Chinese tradition , foods that can strengthen hair and give him back the color and shine are various algae (mainly Hig’yaki ) , black beans and wheat grass , they have the ability to strengthen the power of blood . Various kinds of beans , dark green vegetables , fish , liver , bone marrow , fermented milk products , sprouts , almonds , seeds, grains and nuts – all of which will strengthen and clean the liver blood , strengthen the kidneys and spleen and nourish the hair.

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