Row your way to fitness

Exercises are very important for a healthy living. There are a lot of ways an individual can work out at home or at the gym. A rowing machine is designed in a way it simulates the action of water craft rowing for the purpose of exercise. A rowing machine can be used at home or at the gym since they are portable. They are very easy machine to use, they are pocket friendly, they can be used at home and the best thing of all is that they work out the whole body. Bellow are more benefits of a rowing machine.

1. It helps in weight loss.
According to a Harvard health publication, an individual who weighs 185 pounds working out on a rowing machine could burn up about 377 calories in 30 minute’s. It increases the metabolism activities of the muscles and burns up the calories while at the same time tones up the body muscle’s.

2. It is a form of aerobic exercise.

It helps an in improving the bodies cardiovascular fitness. When working out on a rowing machine the heart, lungs and the major muscle groups in the body are engaged. It increases the heart rate and the breath volume, this makes the heart to work harder and push more blood to the muscles.
This gives the muscles more energy since the blood pumped from the heart is rich in oxygen and nutrients, while at the same time blood that is rich in carbon dioxide and lactic acid which causes fatigue in the muscles is pushed from the muscles to the kidney for detoxification.

3. It increases the endurance of the body.

Endurance of the body is where the body can work longer without getting tired quickly. When using the rowing machine it improves the lung capacity, this means the lungs are able to absorb more oxygen into the blood. This avails more energy to the muscles hence they work efficiently and longer.

4. Works out the whole body.

A rowing machine engages the whole body, both the upper and the lower body are engaged. Upper body muscles such as the shoulders are commonly engaged when on a rowing machine. It also builds both the lower and the upper back when the correct technique is used. Lower body muscle groups on the thighs, Achilles and calves are also built.

5. It has low impact on the joints.

Unlike other exercises that put a lot of pressure and impact on joints, exercises on a rowing machine are of low impact. However exercises on rowing machine should be done using the proper techniques. This helps in reducing injuries to the joints such as the knees, hips, ankles and elbows.

6. It easy and safe to use the rowing machine.

A rowing machine is extremely safe especially if you are alone. Unlike other forms of work out where a partner is required for safety reasons and morale, a rowing machine is safe even when you are alone as long as you are motivated, working out on a rowing machine will be extremely enjoyable.
Also the exercises on a rowing machine are easy to understand, the only place that may require assistance may be the correct techniques of working out such as always working out with the back straight to relive pressure on the back.

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