How to grow taller

he height of a person is mainly determined by genetics and environment. Although some of the factors that determine the height of a person are out of one’s control, there are surefire ways a person can add inches to their height fast, safe and naturally.

Before looking at the tips, it’s important for people to understand that genetics play a major role in deciding a person’s health. The average height of a person’s parents is of great help in estimating their height when they are fully grown. But this is not always true because, there is a combination of other distinct genes from both parents involved in determining one’s health.
So how to grow taller? Here are 5 tips:

1) Exercise

A person’s height remains the same once the growth plates close. And this is usually influenced by age. Exercises like running, swimming, biking, yoga and many other sports can help a person grow taller.

Sit ups and back stretches, hanging and sprints properly exercise the knees and ankles. The bone joints secrete height growth hormones when a person is younger and these exercises are vital in increasing the height of the bones. It’s recommended to do intense exercises of 20-25 minutes. Exercising the body triggers biological changes in the body whereby hormones that are associated with back growth are secreted.

Proper exercises helps a person to develop a correct body posture which is essential to get taller fast. A good posture maintains the length of the spine which can make a person look and feeler taller.

2) Eat right

Eating plays a big factor in a person’s growth because the body requires all the essential vitamins and minerals in order to grow to the full height.

The human body is like a machine and food is the fuel that fires the machine up.

The first diet tip for people who want to grow taller is eating a lot of carbohydrates and calories. These type of foods give the body the energy needed for growth.

Eating a good diet rich in calcium which is found in greens and dairy products is very essential. Calcium promotes growth and strengthening of bones.

Young people should include vitamin D in their diet as it plays a key role in promoting bone and muscle growth. Young people should eat foods rich in vitamin D like fish and mushrooms. Deficiency in vitamin D results in stunted growth in young people.

Eating a lot of high quality protein foods such as eggs, meat and legumes is essential in growth as proteins are building blocks of the body.

Zinc deficiency causes stunted growth in young people. Therefore, young people who want to grow taller must eat foods that are rich in zinc such as peanuts, oysters, and peas and chocolate.

Finally, a person should eat three meals a day, and include small snacks in-between meals.

3) Healthy Lifestyle

Every person who wants to grow taller must keep off bad habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and drug consumption. It’s important to lead a healthy lifestyle and do not participate in stressful activities.

It’s also important to get plenty of sleep for one to grow taller. For young people, fitness experts recommend that they sleep a minimum of 8 hours every night. The pituitary gland releases the human growth hormone when a person is at rest. Besides, the body grows and regenerates tissue while a person is asleep.  Another things that is a must for proper growth, is to get the best shoes both for home and work. We spend 9 hours at work everyday and shoes has a significant influence on our health and posture.

4) Surgical Method

It is also known as the limb lengthening surgery. This method involves taking out a bone from some part of the body and reestablishing at the limb. This procedure can help a person to add 3 to 4 inches to their actual height. Limb lengthening is quite expensive and requires to be done under the supervision of an experienced surgeon as it involves various complications.

One can also take height growth supplements that come in form of pills or drinks.

5) Start young

The younger a person is, the more control the person will have in growing taller. At a younger age, the body is better placed to grow naturally. Therefore it’s important for a person to maximize their growing efforts on a younger age range.

These growing taller tips are for young people to take advantage of. Eating right, doing stretching exercises, having a correct posture and sleeping right are practical ways to achieving desired height goals.



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