Different individuals suffer from alopecia due to different reasons. Manufacturers have come up with different products that seek to address this problem. One of the products is Rogaine. Rogaine is a hair solution that is topically applied. One of its main ingredient is minoxidil; this is the ingredient that gives Rogaine the power to treat alopecia. It is vital to note that there is evidence to prove that Rogaine does treat alopecia but very little evidence to prove that it prevents hair loss.   Does Rogaine work

Does Rogaine work? It may be hard to answer this question with a direct yes or no answer since there are some individuals who have used Rogaine in vain. However, statistics show that nearly 86 percent of men who use Rogaine have experienced positive results. Among the 86 percent claim that in order to experience the positive results of Rogaine, you need to follow the instructions and be persistent in its use. The solution is applied two times a day, if you are consistent in the use of Rogaine, you will begin to notice results within the first two months.

How does Rogaine work? The real science behind Rogaine has merely been speculated over. Generally, it is believed that Rogaine works by stimulating hair growth. Applying Rogaine massages the follicles which in turn stimulate hair growth. However, it is easy to know whether or not the product is working for you. Within the first two months of usage, it is expected that the minoxidil has already stimulated hair growth. This will in turn lead to an increase in rate of shedding arising from the old follicles that are paving way for new hair.

The second phase lies between the third and ninth month. New hair will begin to grow. The first set will be characterized by thin strands that are basically light in color. As the months go by, the thin hair will undergo all the phases of hair growth and eventually, thicken and even become darker and fuller.

After a period of one year, the benefits of using Rogaine will be clearly visible since at this time, your hair loss will be no longer visible.
Does Rogaine work? Those who use Rogaine claim to experience a reduced rate of hair loss. Most of the times, a professional will recommend Rogaine for alopecia but will recommend other methods of preventing hair loss. Rogaine is most efficient as a treatment for hair loss and not as a preventive measure.

There is a high probability that Rogaine does work. Despite the fact that the real science behind the product is not clearly known, there is enough evidence to prove that the Minoxidil in Rogaine efficiently reverses alopecia. If you are suffering from hair loss, Rogaine is a reliable product to reverse this condition; however, in order to prevent further hair loss, it is recommended that you seek a professional’s advice on the right kind of product that prevents hair loss. It is advisable that you seek medical advice before combining two different hair products at once for safety reasons.