Breast Enhancement cream and pills


It is a cream manufactured by FDA regulated laboratory based in the USA that boosts the growth of breasts naturally. It is used by thousands of women and works for all body types and age groups.

The application process is done by applying the cream on the two breasts in the morning and night and having it absorbed into the breasts skin by massaging it gently in circular motions. One should also observe proper diet and exercise the breast on a regular basis. The side effects of this application include soreness and a feeling of tingling mostly experienced in the early stages.

It works by stimulating the mammarial tissue cell growth responsible for breast enlargement during puberty stage and pregnancy. The use of naturaful is safe and natural and does not promote the production of milk as this is the fear many women experience. The breasts are enlarged on an average of 1 to 2 cup sizes. The result is seen within weeks and breasts appear bigger, more balanced and firmer.

However, it is recommended that the use of this cream should continue to approximately three months to nine months or extended until you get your desired effect. The procedure is more affordable than the cosmetic surgery as the only costs involved is the cost of purchase of the cream. This product has a wide market covering all continents and whenever necessary, shipping can always be organized by the company to your respective country. Its costs are about $ 70 which comes with a two months warranty.

There are many positive comments from women who have used this product and according to them, the results are amazing. It is worth trying!

Breast enhancement cream

There are various creams available in the market for enhancing breasts and majority have been used by women for decades. Most of these creams contain almond oil, chamomile, wild yam, fenugreek essence among others. They are very affordable but there is a high chance of getting fake products. The most commonly used types of creams include brestrogen, breast actives, total curve. They are all massaged on the breasts until they are completely dissolved in the skin.

Creams do not always give the best results like the breast implants which are more consistent and effective. It is highly questionable as to why women still prefer the cosmetic surgery to use of these creams. Most of these creams may be unsafe as they contain phyto-estrogens which can end up causing unbalanced increase in hormones or irritations. There is also no proper regulations of the creams production from FDA. The results are normally temporary as they only cause the breast to swell for some time. Creams are not highly recommendable by doctors and the results are usually short term.

Breast enhancement pills

Most of these pills include items which are organic such as natural herbs that are used to enhance the sizes of the breasts. These organic supplements stabilizes the degree of the body hormone, increase blood flow which function the same way as estrogen which is a hormonal agent. Many companies that manufacture breast enhancement creams also produce pills for the same purpose and these two contain phytoestrogen which are the major stimulates of the estrogen. The use of these pills improves the shape of the burst and makes the breasts to be larger, rounder, fuller and more attractive thus increasing a woman’s confidence.

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Most of these pills contain vitamin E, guarana seed, cayenne fruit, L-Tyrosine, Kelp, fennel seed and watercress fallen leave among others. The pills work by way of tricking the breasts into thinking that one is expectant/ pregnant thus stimulating the production of oestrogen in the woman’s body.

It is advisable to be careful when using these pills as they may not be safe regardless of what manufactures claim. Not all natural products/ herbs are safe as some may contain dangerous chemicals, the content may react negatively with the body and the manufacture’s combination of these herbs may differ. There are no published clinical experiments that give a combination of all the herbs which may become harmful to human beings.

Natural breast enlargement

For women who prefer using natural remedies for breast enlargement, they have to be patient, consistent and discipline in their approach. There are several ways on enhancing breast without the use of creams, pills, injections or surgeries. One of the ways is by doing regular exercises like pushups, chest and bench presses which tones the muscle tissues and skin in the areas around the breasts. Use of fenugreek which is massaged on the breast or adding it your diet can stimulate the hormones responsible for breast enlargement. Drinking red clover and fennel tea on a daily basis can also stimulate the growth of breasts. Regular massaging of breasts can increase the size of the breasts as they stretch out the breast tissues making them look bigger.

It is always advisable to go natural!