Why you need the best tier inflator in your car

There can be several reasons why you should carry a tire inflator in your car. It saves you from driving every time you sense that the gas in your car tire is lesser than the desired level. Always make sure that the gas in your car tire is as per the optimum level, neither more nor less. It is only then that you car gives you proper mileage and a better average. There are various tire inflators available in the market.

A few of the best tire inflator brands are:

1. STC International tire inflator: It is a heavy duty inflator from STC. Though it is bulky, but then it is the fastest tire inflator. It has the capacity of filling a flat tire in roughly 4-5 minutes. It will make you again on road in no time.

2. Husky tools tire inflator: It is one tool that will not only help you fill flat tires, but also things like air mattress and bike tires too. It is compact and it comes with accessories like different size nozzles to help you fill in tires of different shapes and sizes. It glows in the dark, so it will help you show correct reading even if it is dark.

3. Emergency tire inflator with sealant canister: In case you sense that there is a leak in air from your tire, just use this tool. Though a bit pricey, you can use its black hose if you sense that there is an air leakage. In case you encounter a sudden puncture of your tire, you can use red hose and tire sealant will be added to your tire. It can be used until you change the tire.

4. Master flow high output tire inflator: This inflator is ideal for big size tires, it can fill a 35 inch mudder tire in less than 4 minutes. It has approx 24 feet of coiled airline and you do not need to haul it from one tire to another. It is compact and can be kept in your car to save you from any emergency puncture.

5. Campbell Hausfled Cordless Tire Inflator: It is huge in size and needs to be plugged in with car’s cigarette lighter. It is rechargeable unit and very handy to be carried on long distance.

6. Craftsman tire inflator: Price approx 55$ this is light in weight, it is a smaller option but it is ideal for small tires and flat tires. It fills air with speed and the best thing is it comes with an LED, so if it is dark, other driver or passersby can easily recognize that there is a vehicle parked by the road side.

7. VIAIR 44OP Portable Air Compressor: This equipment is high priced one, but not something that you use on a regular basis, but more of something that you use on your race weekends. Its maximum output is 150 pounds per square inch, the output is fast, it fills all size of tires, large or small too fast. It is till date the best and well-designed portable tire inflator in its category.



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